"Fireweed: Even God's weeds are gorgeous beyond measure"  - Watercolors


  1. This is such a well thought out and clear presentation of an issue I have always had questions about! After reading the overview study, it definitely seems that the weight of scripture seems to support the viewpoint of destruction of the ungodly. I plan to spend time examining the scriptures and further ponder the ideas. Thanks for all your effort to present such a wealth of information on such a difficult topic! As always, I enjoyed your artwork too:)

    1. Mary, thank you so much for your positive words. I don't share my blog frequently because it has really ruffled some feathers. I am pleased beyond measure that you plan to study this topic - it is my goal concerning this site. Also, I'm starved for feedback so please know how much your thoughts mean to me! Blessings, T


I understand this is a difficult subject and there are different views from folks who all value God's inspired word. I value your feedback, corrections and questions. Please leave a comment!