Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My dentist tortures me

Every time I visit the dentist, even for just a cleaning, I think about hell. I'm not even joking. It may seem silly to some, but having work done on my teeth is just a bit torturous (and I have good teeth!). So, as I lay there in the dentist's chair... I think about "hell".

What if hell for me is having my teeth worked on and I constantly feel like I'm choking and my jaw aches and my teeth are so sensitive to cold as they spray the water and suction it out with that little shop vac device? I imagine that it never ends, I can't get up and my new existence is suffering in this tiny, torturous state of mouth violation. I know – weird, right?

It is the same when I stare at the hot coals of our wood stove - or any glowing fire - I think of hell as it is taught in tradition and try to imagine. I. am. there.

It boils down to this: Torture. Forever. Torment. Conscious suffering. Forever and ever and ever. Can any human really fathom that? Believe me, I've tried. It will actually make you insane if you try for too long. When men and women teach eternal conscious torment, I wonder if they have really pondered the implications of what they are saying?

As sinful mortals we should tremble at the thought of eternal torture. We should rethink this horrid doctrine. Study it thoroughly. Give some thought to it. Maybe the next time you are at the dentist you can think it over – there's not much else to do. Ask yourself: Will this Jesus ("the Savior of the world"), who died a horrible death in our place ("while we were yet sinners"), really choose to torment millions of His creations throughout eternity?

I wonder what my dentist would think if he found out I consider him a tormentor?

I wonder what God thinks when we call Him the same?

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