Saturday, February 25, 2017

What happens when someone studies hell at length?

Question: Preston Sprinkle (co-author with Francis Chan of the book Erasing Hell), Edward Fudge, myself - what do we have in common?

Answer: We studied the subject of hell thoroughly and found one conclusion: eternal torment is not biblical.

"A growing host of respected biblical scholars now publicly question the traditional notion that God will keep the lost alive forever so he can punish them with out end. These include such luminaries as F.F. Bruce, Michael Green, Philip E. Hughes, Dale Moody, Clark H. Pinnock, W. Graham Scroggie, John R.W. Stott and John W. Wenham. These men represent evangelical Christian scholarship at its best. They recognize that Scripture must judge all traditions and creeds, not the other way around."1 

Also, in support of conditionalism: John Stackhouse Jr., Richard Swinburne, Robert Taylor, Justin Brierley, David Instone-Brewer, Preston Sprinkle and many more. Please consider checking out the site called "Rethinking Hell" (link below).2

(Two Views on Hell, Edward William Fudge, InterVarsity Press, 2000, p. 21)

Rethinking Hell website

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